Yoshida Shirasu: Natural Mineral Microbeads Replacement






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Picture shows famous active volcano Sakurajima which

still erupts mostly every day in Kagoshima. 300,000 to800,000 years ago enormous repeated volcanic eruptions took place in this area and laid thick layers of ash soils. Impurities in ash soils have been removed thoroughly by subterranean water since then and only pure mineral ingredients called “Yoshida Shirasu” remain.

Yoshida Shirasu is rich in minerals including silica and is expected to remove waste in pore and smegma in skin and promote skin resilience Unlike plastic microbeads, which pollute the marine environment, Yoshida Shirasu is a 100% natural volcanic ash powers.

Yoshida Shirasu is a gift from volcanoes!




Products by Sizes
Particle sizes (Medium)
10 µm “Particle size by volume” analysis,  
20 µm
30 – 40μm “Particle size by volume” analysis, 
40 – 70μm





Shipping preparation work

Shipping preparation work



1. A 100% natural mineral material abrasive, absorbent and bulking agent
“Yoshida Shirasu” with 35μm in median size, pure off-white in color and specific gravity in the range of 2.4 to 2.5 is environmentally friendly. We have developed state of art technology to sort, extract and divide particles to specific size range. With this technology, we can narrow down or up the range of particle size to meet your requirements.

2. A base material for mineral foundations
Mineral foundations are comprised of many natural ingredients. They are oil-free, as well as free of preservatives, perfumes and coal tar dye. Mineral foundations also contain components that provide sun protection, which mean they can take on the role of sunscreen. Because they are composed of minerals, they are gentle on the skin, even for those with acne or otherwise sensitive skin. Similar to mica, which is used as a base material for mineral foundations, “Yoshida Shirasu” is made only of natural mineral components. “Yoshida Shirasu” differs from mica in that it surpasses its absorptive power, which was vital to maintaining it oil-free.

3. A base material for mineral face packs
“Yoshida Shirasu” has higher absorptive abilities than other natural clays such as yellow soil or Kaolin. In particular, it outdoes conventional natural clays in deionization. It is also notable for its far-infrared radiation. Heat stimulated by far-infrared rays raises temperatures on a deep hypodermic level, aiding microvascular vasodilation, promoting blood circulation, eradicating metabolism disorders, invigorating skin structure, and facilitating the generation of enzymes. The reinforcement of such vital metabolic processes suggests the possibility of effects such as expulsion of metabolic waste from sweat glands, malignant heavy metals, hazardous materials from processed foods, lactic acids which cause fatigue and aging, fatty acids, fat, subcutaneous fat, excesses of natrium that can cause high blood pressure, and uric acids which can cause pain.



“Yoshida Shirasu” Element



“Yoshida Shirasu” is within a range of 30μm to 40μm in particle size when mined.
We, meanwhile, have developed a state of art technology to sort, extract and divide particle range size and will work with you to provide “Yoshida Shirasu” that meets your specific requirements.







“Yoshida Shirasu” Microscope Photograph01

“Yoshida Shirasu” Microscope Photograph02

“Yoshida Shirasu” Microscope Photograph03


Photographed by Kagoshima Prefectural Institute of Industrial Technology



“Yoshida Shirasu” Pb & As detection test


吉田シラス製品資料“Yoshida Shirasu” Microscope Phot


“Yoshida Shirasu” Formaldehyde Yield Tests


吉田シラス製品資料“Yoshida Shirasu” Microscope Phot


“Yoshida Shirasu” Anion test


吉田シラス製品資料“Yoshida Shirasu” Microscope Phot


“Yoshida Shirasu” Far-infrared emission measurement test


“Yoshida Shirasu” works as abrasive, absorbent and bulking agent as listed in
International Cosmetic Ingredient Dictionary and Handbook, INCI Monograph ID:15535












吉田シラス製品資料“Yoshida Shirasu” Microscope Phot


Yoshida Shirasu, which is constant in size and has a high content of glass components, is a material that is processed and foamed at a high temperature of 1,000 degrees. It is said that it is light and excellent in thermal insulation by putting air in the grain of Shirasu and making it into a balloon-like (sphere), and there is a high demand as a material for lightweight plastic and interior parts of automobiles.
Low weight Specific gravity, non-combustible, high melting point, low thermal conductivity, colorless, harmless features. 
For example, by adding it to the paint as a filler, the characteristics of the glassy hollow improve the thermal insulation of the paint and become an environmentally friendly paint.