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Ecology & Durability





Active volcano Mt. Sakurajima in Kagoshima, Japan

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C.E.O. Toru Iwakawa

C.E.O. Toru Iwakawa

A person’s behavioral patterns are made up of choices. What house to live in, what clothes to wear, how to make a living, what to eat…

All of these are comprised of an accumulation of choices.
So let’s talk about “Environment” and “Habitat.”

Microplastics and microbeads destroy the environment and are hazardous to all forms of life. The Nippon Eisei Center proposes Shirasu soil as an alternative material and hopes to play a part in alleviating environmental issues.

Everyone wants to live in a safe, convenient, healthy home.
This desire is as uncomplicated as they come, but in order to fulfill it, we face a new set of choices to be made. Factors such as environment, convenience, maintenance; these are all important values.
It is difficult to accurately predict the speed and degree to which a home will deteriorate. Regular inspections and appropriate repairs are critical in minimizing degradation.

At Nippon Eisei Center Co. Ltd., we develop and provide a variety of products to preserve optimum condition, taking into consideration Japan’s humidity and natural features. In regards to Japan’s high rate of earthquakes, we also play a role in creating an environment that facilitates safe and healthy living, by developing, experimenting with, and improving reinforcement hardware that advances the durability of wooden houses.

Since the foundation of our company, we have strived in our mission of “Ecology & Durability,” providing safe and clean spaces. We are committed to providing our customers with exemplary products, as we strive for environmentally-friendly solutions to high-quality living spaces, with an emphasis on customer-oriented values.




What can we do for the future?
An eco-friendly living, an Earth-friendly enterprise.

Uncovering Beautiful Healthy Skin
The Sirasu Soap Series that we develop, manufacture, and sell is made of the volcanic ash clay “Shirasu,” the chief component of which is silica, a natural cosmetic. The Sirasu Soap Series is not only highly beneficial to the skin, but revolutionary for being user and eco-friendly. From selection of ingredients to every stage of manufacturing, we pursue the highest in quality and safety.

Providing Long-Lasting Homes
The ideal home should be safer and more secure than ever before, an answer to our aging society and the ever-present danger of massive earthquakes.
We develop and manufacture high-durability reinforcement hardware for wooden homes that preserve life and property, providing improvements for a safer home.

Sub-Floor Ventilation That Protects Residents and Residence
The sub-floor structure of most homes does not allow for natural ventilation, meaning humidity is retained, causing decay of lumber, and breeding mold.
Lack of ventilation also means the house is prone to termites and mites, damaging the house and even causing skin problems in its residents.
Property damage and even damage to human health can begin under the floors, and so managing the sub-floor environment is the shortest path to health and comfort for the residents and residence.

Protecting the Ozone Layer and Curbing Climate Change
A diathermancy and airtightness are critical for retaining energy inside of a home.
The urethane insulation that we advocate has extremely high insulation capability, lowering the CO2 emissions caused by air-conditioning. Urethane foam is eco-friendly, as well as wallet friendly.


Company Profile


Company Name: Nippon Eisei Center Co., Ltd.
C.E.O.: Toru Iwakawa
Established: 1975 March 25
Capital: Yen86,000,000
No. of employee: 74
Fiscal Year ends in: March

Banking Relationship:
The Tama Shingin Bank, MUFG Bank, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation

License and Permit:

“Cosmetics Production and Sales “permit granted(# 46C0X10011)
“Cosmetics Production “permit granted(# 46CZ200014)
“General Construction License and Permits” (G-28) No26289 granted by MLIT
“Industrial Trade Waste Collection & Transportation Business” No.13-00-178210

Line of Business:

Sales of products
Sirasu Soap Bar
Yoshida Shirasu Soil(Abrasive) 
Mounting Bracket and Fittings
Insecticide for termite control

Termite control, Disinfection
Heat insulation, Dampproof, Anti-termite 
Concrete reinforcing, Wood House reinforcement

Trade Connection

Kagoshima Agricultural Group
Kagoshima Fisher Group
Kagoshima Cooperative
Semco Co., Ltd.
Kurita Water Industries Ltd.
Sanwa Shutter Corporation
Zeeklite Co., Ltd.
Sumitomo Realty & Development.Co., Ltd.
Misawa Reform Co., Ltd.
Mitsui Rudosan Reform Co., Ltd.
Nippon HILTI Co., Ltd.
New System Japan Co., Ltd.
BASF Japan Ltd.
Fiberdine Co., Ltd.
Fomo Japan Co., Ltd.
SHIROYAMA Hotel by Kagoshima




1972 April Start of business of Nippon Eisei Center Co., Ltd.,
1975 March Nippon Eisei Center Co., Ltd. established
1997 October Kagoshima branch opened
1997 November Fukuoka Support Center opened
1999 November Osaka office opened
2000 June Natural Training park opened in Ohme, Tokyo
2001 February General Construction License and Permits (G-28) No26289
granted by MLIT
2001 July Future Natural Training park acquired
2002 September Kyushu Logistics Center and Kyushu Factory opened
2005 April Start sales of Load-bearing wall brace method, K-Brace #1
2006 June Participated in the 12th Reform and Renewal exhibit
2006 August TV ad of “Clean Barrier” method started (patented)
2008 July Reinforcement fitting in opening under floor
Start sales of basement fitting type 1 (patented)
Start sales of Hold-down bracket “K-Holder type 4” (patented)
Start sales of air diffuser “Spread Fan 3”(patented)
            Start sales of air diffuser “Super Clean 2”
2009 April Start sales of load bearing wall steel brace method
“Hybrid Brace type 1” (patented)
2011 January Start sales of “Sirasu soap bar series”
2012 Yoshida Shirasu volcanic ash soil, registered in
International Cosmetic Ingredient Dictionary and Handbook
2012 Sirasu soap bar won Kagoshima goods award
2015 October Sirasu soap bar advertised in YouTube
2016 July Sirasu soap bar ranked #1 sales at Nanba Cosmetics fair
2016 August TV program Tokyo Goddess Collection featured Sirasu soap bar
2016 August Permit for “Cosmetics Production and Sales “granted
(# 46C0X10011)
Permit for “Cosmetics Production” granted(# 46CZ200014)
2016 November Campaign of give-away trial set of three Sirasu soap bars
2018 Record number of Sirasu soap bar sold
2019 Start of sales of Yoshida Shirasu soil as abrasive
2019 October ISO9001:2015Quality Management System certified


 Office Locations





■ Tokyo HQ

Nippon Eisei Building #1
3-1-6 Yagawa, Kunitachi, Tokyo 186-0015
TEL:042-576-0110 / FAX:042-572-2142











■ Osaka Office

Suite 104, 8-28 Umezono-cho, Moriguchi, Osaka 570-0066
TEL:06-6967-8144 / FAX:06-6967-8145









■ Kagoshima branch

25-22 Shimo-Tatsuo-cho, Kagoshima, Kagoshima 892-0852
TEL:099-248-5201 / FAX:099-248-5150







■ Fukuoka Office

6-40 Imamitsu, Nakagawa, Fukuoka 811-1211
TEL:099-248-5201 / FAX:099-248-5150










■ Kyushu Logistics Center and Kyushu Factory

1762 Higashi-Sata-cho, Kagoshima, Kagoshima 891-1302

TEL:099-295-2022 / FAX:099-295-2039