Sirasu Soap Bar (Facial and Body)






Sirasu Soap bar, utilizing super fine particles of Yoshida Shirasu as abrasive, absorbent and bulking agent and coconut oil base, removes effectively dead skin cells still providing thick foam as well as clear rinse effect, making your skin healthy and elastic.

Yoshida Shirasu・・・volcanic ash powers, a gift from volcanoes
Is rich in minerals and its ion effect helps to remove dead skin cells and waste effectively.Yoshida Shirasu is believed to be one of the best ash soil in components, purity and particle size. State of Art technology of our own makes Yoshida Shirasu particle to carry negative ion, attracting waste and dead body cells having positive ion

Features of Yoshida Shirasu
 1  Rich in minerals, providing moisture to your skin and help to regain wet and soft skin.
 2  Capable of removing effectively dead skin cells and waster in pore.
 3  Super fine particles of Shirasu remove dead skin cells and helping to regain healthy skin color.
 4  Shirasu tested to show detox effect, purifying effect and deodorant effect.


Power of Amazingly Thick Foam


Yoshida Shirasu is rich in various minerals and they are necessary for skin to promote skin resilience.
Yoshida Shirasu mainly consists of Silica (SiO2)
Compelling data suggest that silica is essential for health although no RDI has been established. However, deficiency induces deformities in skull and peripheral bones, poorly formed joints, reduced contents of cartilage, collagen, and disruption of mineral balance in the femur and vertebrae.


Sirasu Soap Bar

Available in three types, Green, Original and Herb.


Sirasu Green Soap Bar

Green for pimply skin
Superfine soil “Yoshida Shirasu” and organic Kagoshima green-tea leaf: Catechin extracted from organic Kagoshima tealeaf keep skin hydrated and soft for less pimply skin

Recommended for those having the following skin problem:
◎ macule or freckle skin
◎ pimply and blackhead in pore
◎ somberness skin
◎ cosmetics stay even after rinsing
◎ dry skin or rough skin

Type Sirasu Green Soap Bar
Weight 30g or 100g (inclusive of moisture)
Ingredients Coconut soap base, Water, Ash soil (Yoshida Shirasu), Glycerin, Green tea leaf, Fragrance, Greentea-leaf catechin, Propolis extract, Hyaluronic acid Na, Olive oil, Squalane, Tocopherol, Oxidized titanium


Sirasu Original Soap Bar

Original for oily 
Ion effect of Yoshida Shirasu removes dead skin cells and waste effectively and clean skin. Natural minerals provide natural resilient, luster and smoothness to skin

Recommended for those having the following skin problem:
◎ larger pores
◎ pimply and blackhead in pore
◎ make up does not show well due to thick layer of keratin
◎ inelastic skin
◎ not experiencing enough cleansing effect

Type Sirasu Original Soap Bar
Weight 30g or 100g (inclusive of moisture)
Ingredients Coconut soap base, Water, Ash soil (Yoshida Shirasu), Glycerin, Fragrance,
Propolis extract, Hyaluronic acid Na, Olive oil, Squalane、Tocopherol, Oxidized titanium


Sirasu Herb Soap Bar

Herb for delicate skin

Pennyroyal mint create a barrier to protect the skin even of delicate children’s skin from the drying effects dry and scaly skin, skin problem

Recommended for those having the following skin problem:
◎ larger pores
◎ skin problem with mosquito or bugs
◎ skin rash
◎ cosmetics stay even after wash-off
◎ not having enough cleansing effect

Type Sirasu Herb Soap Bar
Weight 30g or 100g (inclusive of moisture)
Ingredients Coconut soap base, Water, Ash soil (Yoshida Shirasu), Glycerin, Pennyroyal Mint Oil,
Propolis extract, Hyaluronic acid Na, Olive oil, Squalane, Tocopherol, Oxidized titanium


Sirasu Soap Bar Gift Set


Sirasu Soap bar 100g each,  A set of three

 Perfect for face-wash as well as body-wash

100g×3 (Green, Original, Herb)



Sirasu Soap bar 30g each,  A set of three

in Transparency Gift Box


30g×3 (Green, Original, Herb)



Main Ingredients of Sirasu Soap Bars


  • Soap base
    As made of natural 100% coconut base, it does not irritate the skin and makes it healthy with superior function.
  • Tocheryl acetate
    As vitamin E is an ingredient to play an important role to protect the skin cell membrane when attacked from the outside. It protects the skin from the ultraviolet rays, contaminated materials, and aging. Besides, it provides the moisture deeply into the skin to help its breathing and metabolism.
  •  Hyaluronic acid
    This is very effective in keeping moisture, facilitating the wound healing, composing collagen, diminishing scars, healing inflammatory skin diseases.
  •  Shirasu (volcanic ash soil)
    Shirasu with a positive pole adsorbs the dead skin cells and impurities in the skin and then keeps it not sticky. Additionally, it protects the skin with an excellent moisturizing ingredient and facilitate the function to extract the melanin and renew.
  • Propolis
    Honeybees make this substance by mixing their spit, etc. to the resin-like material that they extracted for their survival and breeding. Its components are mainly organic matters and minerals and very effective for anti-inflammation, anti-oxidation, immunity-boosting, etc.
  • Squalane
    Squalane makes the metabolism vigorous and gives us energy by means of feeding oxygen to the human cells.

Please see Power of Amazingly Thick Foam for yourself on YouTub.


Sirasu Soap Bar  Set

We offer OEM products for bar soaps and other cosmetic products.



For daily care of face


Sirasu Soap Bar 3set






Lather well even with seawater


Sirasu Soap Bar 3set rokkaku


Saltwater soap, also called sailors’ soap, is a potassium-based soap for use with seawater. Inexpensive common commercial soap will not lather or dissolve in seawater due to high levels of sodium chloride in the water. Similarly, common soap does not work as well as potassium-based soap in hard water where calcium replaces the sodium, making residual insoluble “scum” due to the insolubility of the soap residue. To be an effective cleaning agent, soap must be able to dissolve in water.

Ordinary soap is a salt of a fatty acid. Soaps are mainly used as surfactants for washing, bathing, and cleaning. Soaps for cleansing are made by treating vegetable or animal oils and fats with a strongly alkaline solution. Fats and oils are composed of triglycerides; three molecules of fatty acids are attached to a single molecule of glycerol. The alkaline solution, which is often called lye (although the term “lye soap” refers almost exclusively to soaps made with sodium hydroxide), brings about a chemical reaction known as saponification. In this reaction, the triglyceride fats are first hydrolyzed into free fatty acids, and then these combine with the alkali to form crude soap: a combination of various soap salts, excess fat or alkali, water, and liberated glycerol (glycerin).
Saltwater soaps are potassium salts rather than sodium salts. Both sodium and potassium are alkali metals. The relatively high concentration of salt (sodium chloride) in seawater lowers the solubility of soaps made with sodium hydroxide, due to the salting out effect. Potassium soaps are more soluble in seawater than sodium soaps and so are more effective with seawater. In places that do not have fresh water or need to conserve it, cleaning can be done with the use of salt water and saltwater soap.
(Saltwater soap From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)



After any marine sport activities


After surfing























After scuba diving                         After fishings













After boat

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After yacht                                    After paddleboard














Lather well even in hot springs